Kenya has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. The most people who cannot find jobs today happen to be millennia’s, and even those who have been lucky to find a job are under employed. Under employment is a situation in which , you are not putting all the skills you posses into full use , as you are doing a job that is meant to be done by someone with less qualifications than you have.

However today all people want is to be able to earn an income no matter how little it is. This is because after one year of graduating all your debtors begin following you. HELB will start demanding their money back as if they don’t know the situation in this country today. If you hail from the village, folks there assume since young are the most learned there. You are making money hand over fist in the city. They therefore expect you to be sending back something at home.  What has made us end up in this precarious position? Are we too many and the available resources too few. I don’t think so. Corruption is the menace that has leads us into this state.

Kenya has one of the highest taxes in the world. This therefore makes it an unattractive country for foreigners to invest in.  Our corporate tax for resident organizations is 30% while that for foreigners is 37.5%. Who in their right mind would give almost half of their profit to a government? However there are few companies that comply with these laws, but unfortunately the tax collected is never used for its intended purpose .Most of it ends up in the pockets of those in power. This even makes people less likely to pay tax.

What people need to do is too come up with ideas on how to start their own ventures. Better still, parents and teachers. Should instill a culture of people engaging in blue collar jobs. The beauty of blue collar jobs is that you use your hands, brains and creativity to do the job. Children need to stop being told that unless they became doctors they will not be seen as respectable people. Any profession can make someone a fortune. Provided they are creative enough to differentiate their products from their competitors.

Farming in fact is the biggest venture you can engage in. Food can never go out of fashion. There will always be a ready market for it, both locally and internationally.  We are blessed to have arable land and rivers from which we can get water to conduct irrigation. Parents should support their children who are business oriented instead of forcing them to look for formal employment which is not forth coming these days.

The government should also offer incentives to people to start small businesses and also expand the existing ones. This can be done by businesses paying fewer taxes during their inception years and as they trade for longer and start making returns. Their taxes are increased. However there is a sector that such incentive exist   this is the export sector.

Did you know the government is encouraging   manufactures to export what they produce? They are doing this by not imposing duty and VAT on the raw materials that such manufactures are using to make their products.  This is an opportunity that one should take advantage of.


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