Did you know your social network, your online activity, and your online presence generates billions of dollars for the companies and organizations offering such platforms? Don’t you think you should get your equal share of the monies? Yes. Your privacy has been infringed, and companies are monitoring your data and selling them to business bidders, who pay heftily just to have a sneak peek of your interests. Business organizations and users are therefor on the receiving end as the companies providing social platforms stand to profit.Do not fret because Sphere is here to offer a solution. Sphere is a social media platform that is inclusive of an advertising platform. Sphere is endeavoring to become the largest and most trusted decentralized social network in the world. Sphere was built on three major pillars, privacy, company transparency and data security. Your data will no longer be stolen from you.

Sphere has implemented the block-chain format of data management. This provides sufficient security to your data because it is hack proof and thus companies cannot use your data to benefit themselves. The format is also honest and transparent and a user can hold Sphere accountable for their data. This development should therefore be received by business organizations and consumers (online users)with exhilaration.

To appreciate the contributions Sphere is going to make, we have to look at the current system of marketing. Companies that provide social networking platforms save huge volumes of data. This data is people’s personalities, secretes and lives. This data is then presented to business organizations who bid and the highest bidder gets to buy the data. This data is crucial because it informs market gaps, consumers preferences and eventually content in targeted ad campaigns. More often than not, these ads usually pop on users’ screens as they browse, when using their social apps, or generally when online. Some offline apps have also implemented this kind of ad campaigns. This form of advertising has garnered distaste among online users. The pop ups are mostly considered scam and are rather closed than opened. Consequently, the ad campaigns fail to reach the target audience and as a result renders itself an inefficient way of advertising.

However, business organizations are blind to this fact as they continue wasting their capital, profits, and funds to pay advertisers. This has stood in the way of innovation. An innovation in the advertising industry where potential clients are certainly reached, and advertising fee serves its purpose. Business organizations are not the only people being disenfranchised. As aforementioned, consumers’ secretes and information is being sold to business organizations without their knowledge and approval. This breaches their privacy. Due to an up roar by consumers, the EU itself has passed a policy to help manage the misuse of consumer data. This has forced companies to build or upgrade consumer data protection in their business models.

Privacy policies are limited and to solve the problem once and for all, the new innovative block-chain distribution method has been introduced.Sphere is at the forefront of championing this new model. Sphere innovative technology creates an anonymous, and secure social network engine that utilizes large amounts of data that is gathered while still ensuring privacy.Sphere will therefor provide a transparent method for conducting business in this fast growing global market. A method where everyone stands to gain as there will be increase in the total value spread across the entire consumer-seller market place. How will this be achieved? Sphere creates a common market place where business organizations can access their target audience without having to spend heftily and accrue wastes. See https://sphere.social/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Sphere_Whitepaper_v1.7.4.pdf for more details.This will benefit both big, and small-sized business who could previously not afford to bid highest. The consumer also stands to benefit as data will have monetary value and he or she will have all the control on his or her privacy. This introduces the concept of SATs.

Social Activity Token, SAT is a digital currency designed to be used within Sphere. 20 SAT tokens is equivalent to 1USD. SATs are currently being sold and those not bought will be destroyed. Time is limited and you should visit https://sphere.social to buy yours. The Sphere social platform has e-commerce features constituting a ‘marketplace’. In this marketplace, users can create products which can be viewed by friends and followers and purchased using SAT. The user can decide to label the add public to increase viewership. When a buyer likes your ad and clicks purchase, a certain amount of his or her SAT are remitted to your SAT wallet. Sphere is in the process of developing an ad portal. The ad pieces created by the users will be displayed in the Sphere news feed. Advertisement will be paid for through SAT tokens upon click or impression options. This ensures there is no advertisement money that goes to waste.

One could be asking how a user just browsing stands to benefit. It is simple. With Sphere’s decentralized social network, all your personal browsing and search engine results are privately secured. If an advertiser wants to access them, then they have to offer you some stipend at an agreed rate. Is one also asking where to get Sphere? Good news is that Sphere has built a product and you can download it from the App Store or Google Play. The products have sufficient security features, can manage huge volumes of data and were developed by a team experienced in the field of design. More merits of Sphere network are indicated below.

  1. The network has a strategic plan that puts its users and token holders first.
  2. The network has a segregated cloud server environment that is safeguarded using cutting edge security systems.
  3. Sphere offers to its users a superior experience as compared to other social network platforms out there


  1. Sphere offers anonymous transactions globally. Because we do not transact with

Banking institutions, we do not require ID verification. Everything is done us­ing digital currency.

  1. Sphere has an experienced and capable team that can manage complex tech­nologies and business challenges.

Sphere, with tested apps already available, is still work in progress. It is however the best thing that will happen to the market. Entrepreneurs and the public in general should support and embrace Sphere network as everyone stands to gain.Below is Sphere’s road map.

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