Interesting fact, organizations are raking in billions of dollars, by selling off your private information to the highest bidder. Your social network, online activity and online presence.  These companies pretend to be philanthropists, who are out there making our lives easier by offering free communication and interaction avenues. They sell out your information without your consent to the highest bidder and to add salt to injury. You do not get paid for it. Is this really fair? Worry not sphere has come to offer us with a solution.

Sphere is   a new platform that believes in safe guarding your online privacy, company transparency and data security. They believe that you should have a share of what these co-operations are making. Sphere offers a secure social media platform that is de- centralized, and the best part about their plat for. Is that you   have a say and you are also compensated.  As sphere has been built on three major pillars which include privacy, data security and company transparency.

Sphere is applying block- chain technology   for the management of its data. This technology is quite secure as its un hack able. Therefore companies can’t use your data for their own benefit.  This method is also honest and sphere is held accountable. Therefore businesses and mostly consumers should embrace this concept with joy.

In order to truly appreciate the revolution that sphere is attempting to make. We have to take a look at the current marketing system. Companies that provide social networking platforms   get and keep large volumes of data. This data is people’s secrets, their tastes and preferences, which basically is information from which peoples trends can be deduced from. This type of information enables businesses to identify market gaps, and also helps them form content for targeted advertisement campaigns. These advertisements more often than not tend to pop up on users screens as they are browsing or while they are using their social media apps. Some apps have also enabled this kind of campaign to be possible even when the app user is operating the app off line. This form of marketing is quite dis -tasteful and users hate it. These ads are seen as a menace   and more often than not are closed, when they pop up on ones screen. Therefore the ad campaigns   do not get to reach the targeted audience. Therefore not a very effective way to advertise.

Surprisingly though, organizations are quite oblivious to this fact and they continue pumping their hard earned cash on this futile mission.  This has therefore lead to wastage of resources.  Organizations need to come up with innovative ways of advertising their products to their targeted markets.  Sadly businesses are not the only ones being swindled and taken for a ride.  Customers of social media platforms are also on the losing end as their information is sold out tom organizations without their knowledge and approval. There by breaching their right to privacy. Due to an up roar by consumers. The EU has come up with a policy that will ensure that that consumers data is not being misused. This policy has forced companies to upgrade their customers’ data protection measures.

In order to solve this problem forever. A new innovative block chain distribution method has been introduced, and sphere happens to be at the forefront of this new revolution. Sphere aim at increasing organizations ability to reach their targeted audience. While at the same time not infringing on their clients right to privacy. Thereby killing two birds with one stone.

With the use of spheres innovative decentralized social network. Both sides stand to gain companies will cut down on marketing costs and peoples browsing habits will not be disclosed to the highest bidder. Spheres   innovative technology is designed to create an anonymous and secure social network.

Sphere will therefore be able to provide a transparent means of conducting business in today’s first paced environment.  Sphere is going to utilize the SAT currency to conduct its business. This is a type of digital currency.  The sphere social plat form has important e-commerce features. The market place allows users to create products that friends and followers can both see and purchase with the use of their SATS.

Sphere has plans of creating a fully functional advertising portal. This portal will allow users to create their ad pieces and this ads will be on display in the sphere news feed. Ad space will be paid for with the use of SAT tokens .This will be on a per-click per- impression option, and costs will automatically be deducted from the advertisers’ web wallets.

Sphere will ensure that there users privacy is safe guarded. If there is need for additional development. This agenda will first be presented to the community for approval. The goal of sphere is to be a social platform where data is owned by the users.

This is a method where each party involved stands to gain , because the total value that is spread across the entire consumer market-place will increase. This will be achieved by sphere creating a common market place where organizations have access to their target customers  and they will not need to spend a lot of money in order to do so. For more information on this you can check out the following link. This will come as a major boost to both small and medium enterprises who previously could not have afforded to bid highly for their products to be advertised by these social platforms.  Consumers also stand to gain, as they will have control of their information that they are willing to let to be publicly shared. As well as a monetary compensation for their information being used.

AS previously stated exchange of currency will be through SATS (Social Activity Token) . This digital currency is what sphere will be using. 1 US D is equivalent to 20 SAT tokens.  The following are the details of how the SAT tokens are to be distributed.

1,000,000,000 tokens have been created. 65% of these tokens will be available during the ICO. 1% of the SATS are reserved for the advisory staff and the sphere team, 9% will be reserved for the company and 17% of the coins will be reserved for the social network. Any tokens that will go unsold they will be destroyed. There is limited time to buy these coins and you can buy some by visiting here.

There are several benefits that are attributed to owning SAT tokens. They include,

  • The tokens can be used to earn dividends. Sphere is expected to grow in value.
  • SAT tokens can be used for trading as they are listed on various crypto currency exchanges.
  • They can be used for interaction on sphere decentralized system as they will be used to facilitate transactions on this platform.

Sphere plat form has e-commerce features that consist of a market place. Here users can create products. Which their friends and followers can view and they can also purchase the products using SATS.  The users have a lee way to make their ads private or public. If the ad is labeled public, viewer ship is increased. When a buyer likes your advert and they click on it in order to purchase.  A certain amount of their SAT coins will be deposited in their SAT wallet.






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