We all dream of living a legacy before we bid the world good bye. This is one of the reasons we wake up every morning and toil throughout the day, with the hope that we are make our future and that of our children better. There are those who dream of making innovations that change the world, or discovery of an ancient city, but most likely than not this are all fantasies in our heads that we know will never come true, But there is one dream that most have and this is the dream to build a vast   empire.

Many if not all want to live a grand life. I mean who does not want to wine and dine in 5 star restaurants, take their kids to the best schools and even go on exotic holidays we only see on our televisions. However to achieve such you need to be ready to toil, but not always the amount of work we put in a venture will result to an outcome of the same magnitude as the input. This then demoralizes us and we give up on our dream and settle instead for an average if not for some a mediocre life. We forget that at this day and age we must create our own luck. There are many ways you can do this and below is a list of how you can turn your fortune around.


  • Read widely – We sometimes miss out on opportunities, because we simply refuse to pick a news paper or a magazine.  There is a lot of information out there for example, many young people complain that they cannot   get a job in order to earn a living, but is employment the only way? The youth enterprise fund will give you a substantial amount of money as long as you can elaborately show that the money will be used to generate revenue.  You can also apply for tenders and if luck shines on you you can secure funding from a financial institution , with the LPO as security.


  • Interact with people– We sometimes feel like we are to good to hang out with a certain crowd. They will water down our brand if we are seen hanging out with them. Choosing to only interact with those who we deem to be of the same social standing with us. We judge people with their level of education, their financial background, even ethnicity. Forgetting that everyone in this world has something to offer.


  • Faking  It- When I say you should fake it I don’t mean that you should put on a twinge yet your kikuyu accent is very pronounced. This will automatically brand you as a   wanna be. What I mean is that you should visit places that   are frequented by people you want to live the way they do.  You should dress well and respectfully, walk graciously,   and don’t shout as you speak. Always have a cool, calm and collected demeanor.  If for example you are a lady with five hundred bob in your bag , instead of going to eat chips at a restaurant where you are looking at yourself in the mirror. Take yourself to a high end restaurant and drink fresh juice or a salad. Lady luck could shine upon you and you become acquaintances with a well connected personality, who can help you advance your carrier, or even refer your business to other well off people.


  • Becoming a socialite- The convectional social lite is a person who is famous for something affiliated with the entertainment sector. Perhaps they star in movies, a singer, a game show host etc, but recently the term socialite has come to mean something else. Today this is a person who is literally famous for having a beautiful face or a voluptuous    This has even made many women opt for plastic surgery in order to enhance their physical appearance. It is said desperate times call for desperate measures. If you are a woman well endowed and educated at least to a tertiary level, this can be your stepping stone to a bright future, of course you have to be willing to take the risk of being castigated by your parents and family members. Being a socialite comes with great perks, you get to go to high end places, and a likely to rub shoulders with the who’s who of the country, now this is a position any one dreams of being in. After your body has gotten your foot in the door, you should now let your wit take over the driver’s seat, as life as a social lite has a short shelf life.






News Reporter
I am a lady who is passionate about life, a risk taker who is curious about what is out there in the world. I am young and energetic and I love socializing with others, especially of like mind with me.


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