Many yearn to be employers rather than employees, but the greatest hindrance is starting capital and also the lack of enough savings to be supporting yourself and your dependents with, before your business venture starts giving you returns. However we have compiled a list of business ventures that can be started with little capital, and come with guarantee of profit almost as soon as they are started.
1. Mitumba Business – With as little as Kshs 5000 you can start selling mitumba. You only need to have a lot of time on your hands and be willing to wake up early. This is so that you can be in Gikomba market as bails are being opened, this will enable you access to the best clothes available. Before you start this business however you need to do research on the tastes and preferences’ of your target group. You also need to set up your business in a strategic location. This should be at a place with a lot of human traffic. Most of the people who purchase mitumba do so impulsively. Therefore the clothes you display to attract customers will be key to the sales you make. If you manage to get a good location this is a business that can make 300% net profit.

2. Blogging- For this you need to be a bit tech- survey. Also having access to a computer and internet. To set up a blog you will need the services of a web designer so as to get you a site and also you will need a host for your domain. This hosting subject to renewal every year. A capital of about Kshs 18,000 is adequate. In blogging you need to be a bit patient and also love writing, but if you have a passion for writing you will see the fruits of your labour within two months. To make money through blogging, you can apply to Google they send advertisements to your page. This is called ad sense, for you to make money you need traffic in your site. Therefore you need to write very interesting articles and update your site quite regularly.

3. Vlogging- This works more or less like a blog, but it’s done through u-tube. You make videos. People apply for a channel and they post videos. Again just like in blogging, people need to visit your channel for you to make money as you are paid per view.

4. Essay writing- This is a very popular way of making money among campus students as they have a bit of free time and no family obligations. In essay writing you can be employed by a person who owns an account and they pay you per page, as long as you submit your work within the specified timeline. With this however you need to invest a lot of time as academic writing needs thorough research .Also most people who hold this accounts pay between 200 to 300 Kshs. If however you have quite a bit of experience on academic writing and about 300,000 you can buy your own account. This is how you make real money. Per page you can earn kshs 800, and then pay the people writing for you 250 bob a page. Therefore making a gross profit of 550 bob. You however cannot have another job, as you will need to Proof read all articles and ensure you submit them to your client on time and also they cannot be plagiaries. If the articles are plagiarized your account will be shut done, but this is one of the ventures that has made young people millionaires. You could also decide to be a freelance writer. Register on a site like up-work. Then look for topics that interest you. Once you write the article and submit it. If the client likes it you get paid. This can enable you to make quick money, when cash strapped as you have no contract stating that you should be always available for work.
With the above stated venture they is assured money and freedom of working remotely, and at your convenience. Therefore if you have a little cash and you do not know how to invest it, try one of this business ventures and see your money grow within a short while.

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